Impactful Consulting helps executives and their organizations think ahead and work smarter, not harder.

We Support organizational change efforts by creating a shared vision and moving our clients from vision to reality. With Impactful Consulting, you get the advantages of penetrating analysis and futuristic thinking, while being guided and supported throughout the way.


Our services include:

  • Organization diagnostic – Our diagnostic tool to help clients assess and identify how to improve their organizational performance. It helps companies determine where their organization is strong, where it is weak and, most critically, which outcomes matter most for generating superior performance.

  • Organizational design and operating model – A well-designed operating model provides a clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve an organization’s strategic priorities. We partner with clients to help them design and implement operating models that translate strategy into effective execution.

  • Talent management and leadership supply – No organization can turn in a great performance without great people. High performers learn to assess their talent pipeline, deploy their most promising people more effectively in critical decision areas and reduce their demand for scarce skills.

  • High-performance culture – Organizational culture is at the heart of competitive advantage, because it determines how things are done and how people behave. It is the hardest thing for competitors to copy. High performers create an environment with a unique personality and a passion for performance—so that people make the right decisions and do the right thing wherever they are in the org chart.

  • Strategic planning – Strategy is a critical component of every organization’s success. We walk organizations through the extensive and exhausting process of developing a strategic plan, including priority mapping and consensus building and then help them follow through with implementation.

  • Change management – Change is tough and always has been. Organizational change is a particularly emotional process—often a source of tension and insecurity. We help organizations account for these sensitivities with clear communications and solid engagement plans to motivate people. We help deliver quick wins and enduring success by building organization alignment and avoiding ambiguity around critical roles and decision processes.

  • Market awareness – A clear understanding of what customers want, need and value most can point the way toward your competitive advantage. Impactful helps organizations gets inside the minds of your consumers and can be the difference between simply listening to customers and getting to know them, their wants and needs.

I was in need of someone who could help me identify and analyze my shortcomings and ways to improve my effectiveness and my general performance in my personal life, business, and in my communal work. Naphtali Hoff was, and is, extremely effective in addressing all of the above. At the same time, he helped me to restructure the set up the chain of command in our institutions, by guiding and coaching all our staff members. He has a very clear way of thinking and has a great intuition and understanding the issues and what’s behind them. It is a real pleasure to talk to him. I am happy to have him in my life.
— MG, Owner, foodservice company; Board President, independent school, New York City
It was a sincere pleasure learning from you and please know that our leadership found value in attending the program as well. You’ve certainly provided food for thought on Board Development.
— Seth J. Katzen, Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Federation of Delaware