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Hi. I am Naphtali Hoff and thanks so much for visiting my site!

I help talented leaders do great work by coaching them to set clearer expectations, communicate more effectively, pull their teams together, and become more influential and impactful.

Benefits include:

  • stronger job performance;

  • better numbers;

  • increased respect and prestige in the workplace;

  • improved relationships;

  • reduced stress; and

  • more time at home with family and friends.

I am an accomplished executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought after trainer and lecturer. I completed my doctorate in human and organizational psychology, which analyzes successful individual or organizational change and development, and hold two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership, respectively.

My practical, action-oriented approach has endeared me to my many clients. My personal experience in the leadership field allows me to understand leaders’ needs and craft solutions to help them optimize their performance and success.