There are multiple ways to work with us

  1. 1:1 Coaching – Our 1:1 coaching sessions offer clients a supportive ear and a shoulder to lean on while cutting right to the issue and achieving results. 1:1 coaching sessions are scheduled as weekly forty minute sessions for eight weeks or more.  We connect mid-week to ensure that things are staying on track and to offer added support. Learn more.
  2. Group coaching – Group coaching brings together executives to learn around such leadership issues such as leadership presence, communication, delegation and trust-building. Sessions are interactive and promote interpersonal learning and support. Group coaching is offered on demand and requires a minimum of six participants. Sessions are scheduled in weekly one-hour sessions over eight weeks. Learn more.
  3. On site consultations – Impactful Consulting occurs on-site and is crafted based on the needs of each organization. Learn more.
  4. Seminars, webinars and talks – Our engaging and interactive seminars, webinars and talks are designed to meet the needs of each organization and optimize the learning and listening experience. Learn more.

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