Impactful Consulting helps executives and their organizations work smarter, not harder.

We support organizational change efforts by helping our clients create a shared strategic vision and moving them from vision to reality. With Impactful Consulting, you get the advantages of penetrating analysis and futuristic thinking, while being guided and supported throughout the process.

Our services include:

  • Organizational analysis – Our analytic process offers clients a detailed assessment of their current performance and helps them take measured steps towards growth and optimization.

  • Strategic planning – Strategy is a critical component of every organization’s success. We walk clients through the extensive and exhausting process of developing a strategic plan, including priority mapping and consensus building, and then help them follow through with implementation.

  • Change management – Organizational change can be difficult. There is so much to consider, from identifying the need for change, envisioning a better outcome, and how to best bring people along in the process without eliciting undue fears and anxieties. We guide leadership in best practice methods for change management, including how to identify the best way forward, how to get people on board, and how to ensure that the change effort is successful and lasting.

  • Building a winning culture – Culture sits at the heart of every organization. Winning organizations have a culture that values its people, promotes engagement, fosters creativity, and helps employees make the right decisions regardless of their role. Impactful assists clients to identify what makes it unique and offers insights that help them create the supportive, successful, winning culture that it seeks.

  • Market awareness – A clear understanding of what your customers want, need, and value most can point the way toward your competitive advantage. Impactful helps organizations gets inside the minds of their consumers and can be the difference between simply listening to customers and getting to know what drives them.

  • Talent positioning and development – Great people are at the heart of every great organization. We help clients determine how to best leverage and develop their talent for optimization, by identifying their strengths and positioning them for greatest impact.

I was in need of someone who could help me identify and analyze my shortcomings and ways to improve my effectiveness and my general performance in my personal life, business, and in my communal work. Naphtali Hoff was, and is, extremely effective in addressing all of the above. At the same time, he helped me to restructure the set up the chain of command in our institutions, by guiding and coaching all our staff members. He has a very clear way of thinking and has a great intuition and understanding the issues and what’s behind them. It is a real pleasure to talk to him. I am happy to have him in my life.
— Moshe Grunhut, Business Owner; Board President, Independent School, New York City