It was a sincere pleasure learning from you and please know that our leadership found value in attending the program as well. You’ve certainly provided food for thought on Board Development.
— Seth J. Katzen, Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Federation of Delaware
You made a fine presentation and impression with all present. That is quite a challenge.
— Michael Llorenz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Communication and Arts, Touro College
Sometimes in life even people who seem to have it together need a coach to help them see their potential clearly and figure out the right path to take. Through only a few sessions I rose beyond my circumstances, and I am now moving on into things with more clarity. I found that Naphtali’s particular intervention approach was fair; supportive; empowering; educative; challenging and importantly, personally developmental.
— Joseph Cohen, Strategic Business Developer, New York City
I was in need of someone who could help me identify and analyze my shortcomings and ways to improve my effectiveness and my general performance in my personal life, business, and in my communal work. Naphtali Hoff was, and is, extremely effective in addressing all of the above. At the same time, he helped me to restructure the set up the chain of command in our institutions, by guiding and coaching all our staff members. He has a very clear way of thinking and has a great intuition and understanding the issues and what’s behind them. It is a real pleasure to talk to him. I am happy to have him in my life.
— Moshe Grunhut, Owner, foodservice company; Board President, independent school, New York City
Thank you once again for joining us to enhance our teaching. I thought that today was an excellent session: well presented, practical, and gave a lot of food for thought for our teachers. I look forward to following up with the teachers to see how your ideas and methods can be implemented in our classrooms. It’s always a pleasure to partner with you
— Yaacov Feit, Principal, Independent School, Livingston, NJ
Your presentations certainly (strengthened) the whole idea of observations and helped us get hands-on practice. There is more clarity about what we’re looking for, the scripting during the observation, and how to give the feedback. Our expectations of our teachers have been raised and I feel the professionalism has been upgraded due to the observations.
— Rachel Friedlander, Principal, Independent School, Monsey, NY
Naphtali Hoff presented a session on Formative Assessment as part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston’s annual back to school professional development seminar for congregational school teachers... Naphtali has a wonderful way of presenting... techniques that teachers can implement easily into their classroom routines. Assessment is a very important aspect of teaching and Naphtali has helped our teachers be cognizant of their students engagement and build on their learning using Formative Assessment as their guide. Thank you for sharing your expertise with our teachers!
— Lisa Klein, Managing Director of Jewish Education, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Naphtali Hoff listened carefully to my requests and catered his workshop to fit the needs of our school. He deepened our faculty’s understanding of assessment and provided them with useful techniques to put into place immediately. He modeled these techniques during his own teaching and asked teachers to reflect on this both independently and collaboratively. His hands-on approach to learning was met with positive feedback by both General and Judaic Studies faculty members.
— Tammy Anagnostis, Dean of Faculty, Independent School, West Orange, NJ
Thank you very much for an interesting, informative, and all-around enjoyable session yesterday. The feedback from the teachers was very positive. They described the workshop as helpful, full of good ideas, clear, practical, enjoyable, well-presented, and relevant to all parties. We very much appreciate your professionalism and look forward to another visit!
— Amy Rothenberg, Principal, Independent School, Passaic, NJ
Thank you for your meaningful presentation to the LGHS staff. I know that you were helpful in both setting the right tone for the school year as well as inspiring and encouraging our staff to reach higher in creating alternative assessments for their students.
— Kraindel Pinkus, Principal, Independent School, Chicago, IL
On behalf of the Leadership Development Group I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation that you delivered. The feedback has been very positive and I myself used some of the material as an catalyst to start some new initiatives.
— Sholem Fishbane, Administrator, Chicago Rabbinical Council
Naphtali Hoff delivered two well researched, insightful and engaging leadership webinars for Jvillage Network. His willingness to tailor the presentation for our needs as well as bring out a high level of participation - not an easy task - was exemplary.
— Mark Yaschik, past President, JVillage Network
{At our conference for 500 educators,] his topics were relevant, his presentations were well prepared and most importantly, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback about his sessions.
— Avrohom S. Moller, Superintendent of Education, Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago
Your workshop certainly sparked the interest of our staff members who, already on the next day, were implementing the ideas you discussed in their classrooms. It is also interesting to note that at our next faculty meeting the issues you discussed were very prominent on our agenda... What’s important is that the excitement does not stop there, and that fresh ideas continue to be part of a teacher’s planning throughout the year.
— Susha Alperowitz, former Principal, Independent School, Connecticut
So many (of our) teachers have come to tell me how great your session was and how they felt there was so much valuable information given. One teacher in particular asked me if you could come back and meet with some teachers privately! I was so happy that it went so well.
— Randi Orshan, Director of Teaching and Learning, Independent School, Baltimore, MD
Your presentation was thoroughly researched, well structured, and rich in resources... You are passionate about the benefits of using the web but clear-eyed and realistic about its pitfalls and limitations. Thank you for giving us such a balanced view of the online world.
— Terry Kaye, Vice President & Director of Educational Services, Behrman House Publishers, Springfield, NJ
We had extremely positive feedback for your sessions and I appreciate and applaud you for meeting our many and various educational needs. Thank you very much for all your preparations; the handouts, the concrete strategies and examples, and your comprehensive and thorough presentations.
— Ellen Maiseloff, Associate Director, Special Education, Alliance for Jewish Education, Detroit