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Your recent NJAIS presentation on differentiated instruction was excellent and has already informed and impacted my work here.
— Ariella Landy, Teacher, Independent School, Livingston, NJ

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  • Assessments

  • Cooperative learning

  • Differentiated instruction

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  • Developing growth mindset in children

  • Meeting children’s needs

  • The impact of technology

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  • Inclusion and diversity

  • Pro-Social behavior

  • What do you want out of life?

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I wanted to thank and commend you for the outstanding presentation you made to our students. You wealth of knowledge and information, your enthusiasm, your clear delivery, your amazing conclusions and applications of lessons to our own reality—were all communicated clearly to the students, and ... you managed to raise their thinking, engage and captivate them.
— Tamar Friedman, Principal, Independent School, Skokie, IL
So many (of our) teachers have come to tell me how great your session was and how they felt there was so much valuable information given. One teacher in particular asked me if you could come back and meet with some teachers privately! I was so happy that it went so well.
— Randi Orshan, Director of Teaching and Learning, Independent School, Baltimore, MD