Learn to Become A Perennial Champion

Post-prayer conversation at synagogue this morning with Cubs fan:

Me: (Yankees fan, tied 2-2 in ALCS) - Good morning!

Him (Cubs fan, down 3-0 in NLCS) - Well, it's a good morning for you!

Me: Well, it'll just be that much sweeter when your team rallies!

Him: (Laughs)

Me: I hope that you’re not content to go back into your cave for another 100 years of misery.

Him: (Half laugh) Well, we don't want to be greedy

Me: (Smug Yankees fan) Why not?

Him: We can't win it every year!

Me: (Summoning my inner George Steinbrenner) Yes you can!

If you want to know if you’re aiming big enough, consider these questions (as a starting point):

  1. Do we seek to live a decent life or an exceptional one?
  2. When we set our business goals, do we shoot for what’s possible or what’s safe and “practical”?
  3. In our relationships, do we strive to stay connected or go deep?
  4. Is work-life balance wishful thinking or a core principle?
  5. Do we give of ourselves only when prompted or we seek opportunities to make an impact?  

It’s not greedy to want to be great and achieve great things.

My challenge to me and you: Don’t think small. Don’t rest on our laurels. Seek to raise the bar and achieve continued greatness, today and every day.

Naphtali HoffComment