Making the best of a down market

For us in the Northeast, Friday was a dreary day.

It rained 🌧️ for hours and the sun never made it out. 🌥

It was also 12/21, the Winter solstice ⚫, and the year's shortest day.

Not the brightest, most encouraging day, to say the least.

You could say that things were pointing down🔻, weather wise.

The same has been true on the financial front for many folks, especially in the equities and housing markets. 📉

And our political landscape is no bargain either.

How can we stay positive when the "weather" that surrounds us is bleak?

Here are some tips:

  1. Find the positives ➕ - In every situation, there are positives and things to be grateful for. Despite the rain, the weather is quite warm. Actually, the warmest we're had in weeks. A down market offers opportunities to buy on the cheap. Reduced volume gives us time to think and strategize about how to grow when the trends reverse.

  2. It's all pointing up ⬆️ - Starting tomorrow, the day will begin to lengthen. It will be a long climb, but it will happen. The rain will clear out as well. We can't predict when we've hit bottom in our personal lives, but past experiences tell us that better days are ahead.

  3. Focus on your locus of control - We can't control bigger things around us but we can control more than we often think. Most important, we can control our attitude and gratitude.The more in control we feel, the better our mindset will be and the better our decisions and behaviors will be as well.