What do you want to become independent of?

“Independence means that the amount of value you take from other people is equal to or less than the amount of value you put back. It doesn’t mean you don’t need other people. And it doesn’t mean you avoid other people’s help.” Scott Young

As we near July 4, we have many things to think about, such as…

🗽 The great country (USA) that so many of us live in, that grants us so many personal freedoms

🗽 The many sacrifices of others, on the battlefield 🔫 and in the political arena, to ensure and sustain those freedoms

🗽 The awesomeness of BBQs 🌭 and fireworks 🎆, even if they have nothing to do with independence

Independence Day also allows us to consider what we want to become fully independent of, besides for King George, of course

Here is a start to my list, using the definition quoted above. Feel free to add yours.

💵 Financial – by giving more value than I take from others; continuing to build my business so that it’s not dependent on particular clients or even industries

💭 ♥️ Social-emotional – by contributing to others’ happiness and wellbeing while not needing to seek other’s approval in what I say or think

🧠 Mental – by limiting distractions 📱 that regularly grab at my time and attention

What do you want to become independent of?