Turn Your Excuses Into Challenges

Today is a fast day on the Jewish calendar.

While in a sense that’s probably a good thing (I’m probably not the only one who overate on Rosh Hashana,) it presents a challenge for those who seek to get things done after two days out of the office.

On days like this, it’s easy to make excuses.

“I can’t get much done,” we say, “when I can’t eat.”

Of course, we don’t need fast days to find excuses for a lack of productivity or performance.

“I won’t get much done if I spend all day in traffic.”

“The weather is really crumby and is affecting my mood.”

“Jane is out again. There’s no way that I can make up the slack.”

“Without their advertising budget, we simply can’t match their market reach.”

It’s easy to succumb to excuses.

But instead, I suggest that you convert them into challenges.

Roger Bannister did this when they said that no one could run a 4-minute mile.

Thomas Edison did so when his first 1000+ attempts at inventing an incandescent lightbulb failed.

And we can do it to.

So, if you’re short-staffed, ask yourself how you can pull together existing personnel to get more done. (For more on how to do that, grab a copy of my free eBook. Link in comments.)

If your mood isn’t quite right, see what you could do to change it, through positive thinking or connecting with someone/thing that’ll lift your spirits.

If you’re short on cash, get creative. If you can’t figure it out, see what others in similar situations have done to work around it.

Whatever it is, don’t fall prey to the excuse monster.

See it as a challenge and resolve to overcome.