From the Studio to the Boardroom with Billy Mann: Lead to Succeed 43


In this episode, Naphtali interviews Billy Mann. Billy is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, record producer, creative executive, and philanthropist. Over a 25-year period, Mann has built his career from Philadelphia street musician to writing and producing some of the most influential recording artists in modern music, to entrepreneur and music executive.

Since penning his first Top 10 hit in 1995, Mann has racked up several Top 40 hits around the world, with cumulative album sales of over 120 million. He was the youngest executive at board level of a multi-national music company in EMI where he also served as Chief Creative Officer and President of A&R and Management, Global. He was also appointed President of BMG, North America before founding his own portfolio of rights management companies under the banner of Manncom Creative Partners, based in the US.

Episode Notes:

  • 2:19 – Naphtali introduces Billy

  • 3:03 – Billy describes his humble beginnings

  • 5:41 – Why longevity matters in relationships

  • 6:57 – How Billy moved from potential to accomplishment

  • 8:00 – Powerful story that became Billy’s turning point

  • 13:43 – Why leaders need to find capable partners

  • 15:53 – Chemistry can be a sand trap

  • 17:43 – Get yourself a truth teller

  • 19:43 – Loyalty develops over time

  • 21:48 – The best advice Billy ever got (“Success in music is the ability to continue.”)

  • 24:09 – Why Billy would have loved to spend time with Nelson Mandela

  • 27:13 – Philanthropy is a vitamin in your life

  • 29:26 – Rapid fire

  • 32:20 – Connect with Billy on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

  • 33:23 – Final life lesson: We’re too focused on metrics and not focused enough on living life

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