3 BLOCKS to Increase Productivity

(Spoiler alert: this was recorded on a Friday but is equally relevant on whichever day you read/watch this)

Didn't have the week you wanted?

Some of us can look back at the outgoing week and smile, thinking about all that was accomplished.

Others, maybe not so much.

Here are some *BLOCK* tips that can help make your last day of the week the most productive:

  1. BLOCK out the past - What happened happened. No use in crying over spilled milk. 🥛

  2. Time BLOCK- If you really want to get things done, don't create to-do lists. Instead, block out time on your calendar 🗓 and make magic happen.

  3. BLOCK out distractions - Make a meeting with yourself and go low tech or no tech. Disable alerts and make yourself unavailable to others while you get the most important things done.