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Negotiating Tips from a Parent's Perspective

Probably the hardest morning for me is Monday.

It's the day that my wife drives carpool and I am responsible to get our little one out the door.

As you can imagine, it's not always so simple.

He's got his own agenda, isn't the quickest to get up in the morning, certainly doesn't love to get dressed.

Giving him breakfast is a challenge.

Helping them decide on what he wants for lunch is a challenge. In general, it's a challenge.

Actually, a lot of the key things that we do when we want to negotiate with our kids, we also need to be thinking about what we want to negotiate with adults too.

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Tips for Getting Up in the Morning

I had a VERY hard time getting up this morning. For some reason, I was just exhausted. 😫

The thought of getting my day going just wasn’t resonating. I kept trying to justify staying in bed. πŸ›

But I knew that I had a lot to do before heading out of town for a mini-vacation (finally!)

So, I reminded myself about what I would miss out on by sleeping in, including the kind of prayer service that most works for me and getting my work day started on time.

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How to Start Your Day off Right

One quality that sets apart the super-productive from many others around them is their morning rituals. The things that these people do each morning set the tone for their day and help them to maximize their focus and productivity.

Of course, there is no particular list of foods and activities that all industrious and successful people subscribe to. What we do know, however, is that nearly every one of these men and women have one that they follow religiously.

While I do not include myself in the above category of success, I do work hard each day towards that goal. Part of what I do each day (or at least on a scheduled basis throughout my week) is to follow a regimen of prescriptive activities that guide how I start my mornings and get each day off right.

  1. Follow a regular routine – My days end each night at about midnight. I shoot for six hours of sleep a night, so in most cases I am up at 6:00. My body has become conditioned to this scheduled so even on days where I don’t have an alarm set, my biological clock kicks in. This is important because our bodies perform best when they are able to adapt to a regular, comfortable schedule.  
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