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In this episode, Naphtali interviews Andy Paul, a successful sales leader and host of the popular podcast, “Accelerating with Andy Paul”. Andy shares useful tips to successfully build an emotional attachment with your prospect and increase your closing rate. He delves into the importance of integrity and character, critical attributes for any sales rep. We also discussed the importance of being consistent in order to relay our message across. Tune in and get some invaluable nuggets which can boost your stagnant sales career and etch your firmly on the path of success.

Podcast highlights:

  • 01:08 – Naphtali introduces Andy Paul

  • 02:52 – Andy shares how the changing technology landscape has impacted sales people all over the world

  • 04:43 – The B.A.L.D. concept: factors that help you win relationships and sales

  • 07:41 – Discussing the importance of listening and asking questions in sales

  • 11:46 – How can you ensure better results with an introverted and analytical personality?

  • 13:33 – Andy explains how service is critical to achieve success in the world of sales

  • 14:56 – Establishing an emotional connect with the customer for higher sales success

  • 16:09 – Being consistent is key for relaying your message effectively to the consumer

  • 18:34 – Does content overkill deter listeners from checking out your podcast?

  • 20:35 – Does a spiritual bend of mind result in a more balanced life?

  • 25:08 – One Final Takeaway: Have no regrets about the work that you’re doing

Rapid Fire:

  • 25:51 – One thing you couldn’t sell? Integrity

  • 26:06 – Best thing about San Diego that’s not weather related? The outdoors

  • 26:46 – A personality that would love to meet for the first time? Seth Godin

  • 27:00 – Best food or drink to get you energized other than coffee? Frozen banana shake and blueberries mix drink

Connect with Andy:


  • 28:50 – One Life Lesson: Your integrity and character should remain constant to the end of your life.

Interesting fact:

According to the American statistics website Biznology, a sales decision today takes an average of 22% longer than they did five years ago.

Leadership quote:

Leadership is not about a title or a designation, it’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence about spreading your passion you have for your work and you have to inspire your teammates and customers.
— Robin S. Sharma

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