Change Yourself and Change Your Future with Mark Metry: Lead to Succeed 38

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Mark Metry, a serial entrepreneur who began hustling when he was in second grade! Mark, the host of top podcast Humans 2.0, goes deep into his own growth and the unconventional path that he took to get there. Mark also shares excellent leadership nuggets, including how to model leadership and treat other people. Listen in on this raw, vulnerable, and engaging account of young leader who is taking the podcasting industry by storm.

Conversation highlights:

  • 01:59 – Naphtali introduces Mark

  • 02:36 – Mark talks about his journey and previous bouts with self-esteem

  • 04:46 – What Mark did to gain confidence and build an audience

  • 05:49 – Tips to becoming more conscious of who you really are

  • 06:20 – Your externals do not truly define you

  • 06:49 – Why mark first tried to drown out his inner voice

  • 07:34 – The positive impact of Mark’s lifestyle changes

  • 10:43 – Our outcome is the result of our choices

  • 16:52 – Mark talks about how he achieved success at a young age and as the child of poor immigrants

  • 19:52 – We all intuit the right answer for what to do, but need to remove the clutter

  • 21:13 – Surround yourself with the people that you want to be like

  • 22:44 – Coaching and mentors can accelerate your journeys

  • 23:30 – Leadership tip: focus on the other person

  • 25:01 – Leaders need to outwardly fail

  • 26:02 – The importance of self-awareness

  • 28:02 – Rapid fire

  • 29:06 – How to find Mark

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