The Power of Perseverance with Cory Warfield: Lead to Succeed 39

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Cory Warfield. Cory spent twenty years working on restaurants as a waiter and manager before starting, an employee shift scheduling platform solving for the pain point on employee shift scheduling in a number of industries. Cory, an emerging LinkedIn Influencer, goes deep into his journey and the challenges that he faced along the way.

Conversation highlights:

  • 01:19 – Naphtali introduces Cory

  • 03:38 – Cory describes the challenges of shift scheduling and what drove him to take action and start his company

  • 05:02 – Massive companies are still using outdated, primitive methods to schedule and communicate with their people!

  • 05:25 – The importance of employee morale and retention

  • 06:51 – Cory details how he began to put his company together

  • 07:43 – The power of a strong network to help gain exposure and PR

  • 08:39 – Shedwool’s pivot from a stand-alone to a fully integrated solution

  • 09:20 – Understaffed? Grab a copy of Naphtali’s “EPIC Solution to Understaffing” eBook

  • 13:59 – Cory talks about the challenges of getting his startup off the ground, including almost having his electricity shut down

  • 14:58 – The power of “dumb optimism”

  • 17:25 – Support Cory got from his network to get through some of the challenges

  • 18:03 – Why Cory has chosen to mentor young entrepreneurs

  • 21:41 – The importance of building a team and why being a solopreneur isn’t scalable

  • 24:48 – Focus on what you’re really good at and farm out the rest

  • 26:00 – When to fail fast/forward and when to listen to your heart

  • 27:44 – People don’t like free – you need to charge in B2B

  • 28:31 – The market needs to validate your product and ideas

  • 31:03 – Rapid fire

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