The Power of Social with Ian Rosen: Lead to Succeed 45


In this episode, Naphtali interviews Ian Rosen. Ian is CEO of StockTwits, the largest social platform for investors and traders, with more than 1.5 million registered users posting 200,000 messages daily. Prior to joining StockTwits, Ian co-founded and was CEO of Even Financial, the Supply Side Platform for Online Financial Products. Before that, he served as General Manager of MarketWatch Inc., one of the largest multi-channel markets and personal finance sources globally through 20%+ annualized growth.

Ian has managed large financial data businesses at both Thomson Reuters and Dow Jones, and has held positions at Goldman Sachs, Accenture, and other firms building financial data focused products and businesses.

Episode Notes:

  • 1:52 – Naphtali introduces Ian

  • 2:29 – Why Ian pivoted from more conventional financial media to lead a startup

  • 3:12 – Why the future of media is very much dependent on user generated content

  • 4:48 – “Financial news is news. New is financial news!”

  • 5:27 – The reason StockTwits users love the site

  • 5:59 – The bets of venture capitalists change the world

  • 6:47 – How StockTwits ended up with a Head of Content with no background in finance

  • 10:35 – What Ian asks engineers in interviews

  • 11:37 – Why tech jobs often require “adaptability quotient”

  • 12:35 – Resumes are not the most important hiring consideration for Ian

  • 18:30 – The ROI of being on social (engage and collaborate)

  • 19:21 – Our phones are portals to all of human knowledge

  • 20:15 – The power of social amplification

  • 21:32 – Are smartphones making our kids unable to talk?

  • 21:53 – Kids today are much more sophisticated communicators than their parents

  • 24:52 – The metric Ian focuses on most to measure success

  • 25:52 – Stocktwits’ soft measure

  • 28:03 – How established companies and startups differ

  • 29:25 – The worst thing (almost) that an employee could do to Ian

  • 32:09 – The importance of a security blanket

  • 33:38 – Why you should always strive to be a good guy/gal (and definitely not a jerk!)

  • 35:30 – Rapid fire

  • 39:13 – Connect with Ian on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • 39:31 – Final lesson: we live in an unbelievably good time, let’s appreciate it

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