Doing Well by Doing Good with Josh Kampel: Lead to Succeed 52


Josh Kampel is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping organizations and executives leverage technology to transform their businesses and drive sustainable growth. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Techonomy Media. Prior to Techonomy, Josh helped launch OfferIQ, a digital marketing platform that was acquired in 2010 by Transactis, a leading Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment company.

Episode Notes:

  • 1:36 – Naphtali introduces Josh

  • 2:38 – Josh offers a productivity hack

  • 4:22 – More about Josh and his work

  • 5:33 – CEOs are no longer putting investors first. So, who ARE they putting first?

  • 7:28 – “Business as a driver for society and the world.”

  • 8:32 – Companies need to just be better corporate citizens of the world

  • 10:48 – The challenges in merging corporate cultures

  • 15:41 – Difficulties companies face with digital transformation

  • 16: 52 – Digital transformation defined

  • 18:21 – The challenge of using business data correctly, and the role of “gut”

  • 20:02 – Future trends involving artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • 21:28 – The power of AI in correlating data

  • 23:39 – How company purpose drives recruiting

  • 25:04 – Why companies use trade-offs to drive worker productivity

  • 26:09 – How smaller companies promote more learning and engagement

  • 27:36 – Google’s Trojan horse

  • 29:46 – Rapid Fire

  • 33:28 – Connect with Josh via email, on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • 34:43 – Life's too short to be a jerk

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