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Which Hat Should You Wear with Hershel Lutch: Lead to Succeed 1

Rabbi Hershel Lutch, MBA, is the Executive Director of MEOR, a leading Jewish education and outreach organization active on top American university campuses. He has previously held leadership positions within a number of other prominent Jewish organizations. Serving as MEOR’s chief professional, Hershel leads a dynamic staff of educators and oversees MEOR’s fiscal management, operational planning, and fundraising activities. 

Podcast highlights:

  • The need to “get your hands dirty” with your leadership

  • How leadership and management differ, and when to wear each hat

  • How leaders can also manage

  • Hershel’s personal hurdles and how he overcame them

  • Why you need to continue to invest in yourself

  • Leaders are only as good as their people

  • Why Hershel wants to meet George Washington

  • How Hershel’s faith guides his role

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