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Living Intentionally with Sharon Rowe: Lead to Succeed 29

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Sharon Rowe, founder of EcoBags. Sharon urges listeners to build a business that is driven by more than profits by cultivating contentment. We discuss the importance of not falling prey to consumerism. Tune in and learn how you can build an intentional, socially responsible, and profitable business and career.

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Which Hat Should You Wear with Hershel Lutch: Lead to Succeed 1

Rabbi Hershel Lutch, MBA, is the Executive Director of MEOR, a leading Jewish education and outreach organization active on top American university campuses. He has previously held leadership positions within a number of other prominent Jewish organizations. Serving as MEOR’s chief professional, Hershel leads a dynamic staff of educators and oversees MEOR’s fiscal management, operational planning, and fundraising activities. 

Podcast highlights:

  • The need to “get your hands dirty” with your leadership

  • How leadership and management differ, and when to wear each hat

  • How leaders can also manage

  • Hershel’s personal hurdles and how he overcame them

  • Why you need to continue to invest in yourself

  • Leaders are only as good as their people

  • Why Hershel wants to meet George Washington

  • How Hershel’s faith guides his role

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