Tips to Meet with More Great People

I recently went to Chicago where I was able to hook up with some really great people. We talked about where each of us is professionally, how we can help each other, and I even did some basic coaching as well.

This Thursday I have some more meetings scheduled in NYC, all with folks who have appeared on my podcast.

These are not just regular sit downs. Rather, they are with awesome people that I want to get to know better and either coach, collaborate with, and/or get referrals from.

For me, every meeting has to serve a purpose. It could be a total waste of time for one or both of us to meet without an agenda or underlying goal.  

But getting meetings with successful people can be difficult. They are super busy and may not see me as someone worth their time.

Here are three tips that have worked for me to get more meetings with the right people.

  1. Get connected – If you are not yet connected with someone that you want get to know or work with, send an invitation. Where possible, add a few words as to why you want to connect that would be a compliment to the other person or demonstrate that you did your homework about them. Even a non-reason, such as “John, I would love to be connected with you” is better than nothing.

  2. Add value up front – Find ways to add value before asking for things in return. I have developed many friendships through content sharing and other value adds, such as liking, commenting on and sharing their content. Sometimes I say that I would like to give them a copy of my leadership book, Becoming the New Boss. #becomingthebewbossbook.

  3. Offer specific times to meet – When traveling out of state, this is pretty easy. "Hey, I will be for dates x-y, can we meet?" Even when in the same city, ask about particular dates and times to focus the conversation.

What strategies do you use to get meetings that help you deepen relationships and drive sales?