Learn to Win Small

ONLY two days, or TWO DAYS? YEAH!

Well, it depends on your perspective.

For a couple of weeks in the middle of winter, I had tried to move my workout routine from mid-morning to early-morning, as in 5:15 AM.

I thought that the benefits of a top-of-the-morning, pre-prayer workout would be enormous.

I would be able to pray and work with added energy and focus.

I could skip the morning coffee and would be motivated to eat a healthier, leaner breakfast.

My mornings would be more open, allowing me to get more done.

It would also make for fewer wardrobe changes.

But I just couldn’t pull it off.

Each morning, my early alarm would sound, and I would just snooze it, long enough that I wouldn’t be able any longer to fit a workout in before prayers.

So, after a while I stopped even trying.

But recently, I decided to give it another go.

And for the past two days, I was up early getting in a nice exercise regimen.

I hope that it will continue tomorrow.

Which is one reason why I am sharing this.

Success can be measured in many ways.

Ideally, we want to dream big and achieve big.

But going big often demands that we start with and conquer the small.

Looking back in a few weeks or so, I may find waking up early to be no big deal.

Or maybe I will be back to square one.

Conquer the small, day after day. Result = big time achievement!

What are some of the things that you have been trying to get started? What’s getting in your way? How can you “conquer the small” in your own life to make big things happen?