Be Intentional with Mordy Golding: Lead to Succeed 49


Mordy Golding is Director of Content for LinkedIn Learning. He oversees the creation of a vast library of high-quality learning content, primarily in the form of on-demand, online, video-based courses. He did similar work for prior to its acquisition by LinkedIn.

Episode Notes:

1:25 – Naphtali introduces Mordy

2:30 – How Mordy got started

3:56 – Bringing together two passions to make a career

5:41 – Mordy’s realization about the power of online courses

9:45 – Using Design Thinking to build a career that aligns with your skills

11:45 – How leaders can inspire others through content curation

13:03 – Why Mordy spend TWO HOURS a day consuming content

15:02 – Block your calendar to get things done

16:26 – Leaders need to be intentional with their actions

19:07 – How to share content that gets people’s attention

20:39 – Anyone can be a leader of impact

23:43 – The 4 main content areas that c-suite execs are consuming on LinkedIn

27:41 – When NOT to send a big, scary email to your team

34:16 – How Mordy handled having to walk away from his dream job

36:15 – Rapid Fire

36:41 – The magic number for LinkedIn to “work” for you

39:30 – Connect with Mordy on LinkedIn; check out LinkedIn Learning

40:34 – Prioritize ruthlessly

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