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Eli Hoffman is CEO of Seeking Alpha. Eli joined the company in 2006 to found the company's breaking news team. He is responsible for creating Seeking Alpha's flagship newsletter, Wall Street Breakfast, which is read by hundreds of thousands of investors daily.

Eli founded and developed Seeking Alpha Breaking News, the best source of short-form stock-market news on the web. Before joining Seeking Alpha, Eli taught in and was the principal of an elementary school in Toronto.

Episode Notes:

1:40 – Naphtali introduces Eli

2:38 – How Eli made the transition from educator to financial media company CEO

4:37 – Eli’s initial failure that spawned future success

6:17 – Eli’s “unorthodox” rise to CEO

9:25 – How important is technical expertise in leading effectively

10:43 – What Eli looks for during the interview process

13:12 – 2 qualities Eli looks for in people

14:18 – What wanting to win means to Eli

17:38 – How correct is “The Passion Principle”?

19:31 – Passion is necessary for success

20:49 – Do you have to love what you do?

25:06 – A leader’s role as workplace coach

26:09 – The importance of accountability

27:37 – Striking the right balance in how leaders coach others

32:22 – Lessons in communication

33:55 – “Put yourself in the user’s head”

37:28 – Rapid Fire

41:06 – Connect with Eli via email, on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

43:26 – Don’t lose sight of family

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