Focus on Expertise Over General Knowledge

It's hard to run when you can barely walk.

Or read fluently when you struggle to decode.

Or pull things together when each individual task is complicated and onerous.

Last week, I was walking on a sidewalk made from decades-old slate tiles. Between the rain and wet pollen, it made for a treacherous walk.

I slipped a bit on each step and had to walk much more slowly and gingerly than usual.

Walking went from an automatic, subconscious act to a conscious one that required thought and consideration.

My mind, which is usually free to think, was held captive by my need to get home safely.

This got me thinking about my clients, leaders who run businesses and manage teams.

So often, we ask our people to multi-task and become Jacks of all trades.

While it can be useful for them to develop basic proficiencies, we need to be focused on achieving mastery.

Especially if we want to increase mastery, efficacy, efficiency and engagement.

Further, leaders who want to clear their plates and delegate more need to provide proper training and support for their people and then give them the time to develop expertise.

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