6 Tips on How to Get Unstuck

The challenge I want to talk about today is something called getting stuck.

Many of us feel it, in our personal lives, in our relationships and of course at work in business.

We think we're capable of doing more. We want to build our businesses, build our relationships, get so much more out of life.

But we just don't seem to know what to do. Many times, as a result, we do nothing.

We sit around sort of on our hands waiting for something to happen and unfortunately nothing does.

So, here's some strategies that I came up with to get more done when you’re stuck. I use them with my clients all the time.

These are the key things that I think if we focus on could really help us move the needle and get unstuck and get going.

Number one, we all have an inner critic. The inner critic says, “we're not capable, we're not good enough, we don't have the wherewithal to get it done.”

IGNORE YOUR INNER CRITIC. Take that Gremlin, give it a name, sit it up on your shoulder for a bit, and then give it a big swat and knock it off the shoulder and say, “you know what? You are wrong. I can get this done.” Begin to start really believing in yourself because you have the goods. You have the ability. You just have to trust yourself to get it done.

Number two, envision yourself breaking through. Actually, imagine what it will look and feel like to break through today. Ask what you will be able to accomplish and imagine the process. What are the steps that you're taking? How does it look? How does it feel? What are others saying to you as a result of it? Get that image really going in your mind in a very vivid kind of way with lots of adjectives, lots of imagery, whatever's necessary to create that image and to really drive it home.

A third strategy is learn to think differently. Now, this is not so difficult to do, but we often have paradigms in our life. Ways that we think ways that we assume we have to be the market has to be our spouse or significant other has to be our kids. Whatever.

Think differently about them, about your situation, and if you start to create a different level of awareness and oftentimes the coach could be very helpful with this, but you don't necessarily need a coach. It can be somebody else that you're talking to. Maybe listening to a video clip and audio book something else. It gives you a different perspective and if you think differently, you will typically act differently.

Number four, set clear and actionable goals. Make them clear and that they should have an action that you can measure, that you know that you're doing something that is positive and will move you in the right direction and hold yourself accountable. Put something on your calendar to make sure that you get it done. Also, attach if you can, break it down, actually break down your goals into smaller goals and do them steadily and consistently until you have achieved your target.

Number five, share your goals with others, including the deliverables, because if you've got others who are aware of it, that's gonna make you feel you are accountable, likelier it is that you will get things done because people will say whatever happened with those goals and you know it.

And finally, number six, set decision limits. You could sit and you could think and think and think, well, we might call a nap paralysis by analysis. All the different options that my next career choice, all the different options of what I want to be doing with myself or how I want to build my business or whatever, and as a result we think and think and think and we don't do. You need to set limits even if your choice isn't going to be the best, but at least you've made a choice. And as a result of making a choice, you can take action. And if you take action and you take constructive action, you will move yourself in the right direction and you will start to not only get on stuck. That's a really build steam and to over-deliver. And the most positive way.