Leading with 3 L’s with Melody McBeth: Lead to Succeed 13

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Melody McBeth, consultant at Highland FRS. Drawing from her various consulting experiences, she shares some mantras that set apart the truly great leaders from the rest. We talk about abundance theory, celebrating a team member’s success and practicing the art of active listening. We also talk about the extensive damage that results from inflated egos of leaders. Tune in and learn from this master consultant the tenants of leadership that will help you steer your organization on the correct path.

Podcast highlights:

  • 01:14 – Naphtali introduces Melody McBeth
  • 02:10 – Melody talks about her work profile
  • 03:14 – Learn how Melody started off her consulting work in the non-profit space
  • 04:20 – What does “wildly successful” mean for Melody?
  • 07:06 – Melody’s recommendation for people wanting to start off their own business
  • 08:48 – Practicing the art of clear communication
  • 12:46 – The 3 things that Melody looks for from leaders
  • 14:28 – How can consulting/coaching help an organization?
  • 15:56 – How Melody came to use her martial arts training in her consulting work
  • 17:04 – Melody shares some leadership horror stories; huge egos and not being informed
  • 19:29 – Learn how practicing the abundance theory can do wonders for your organization
  • 21:01 – Learning to celebrate a team member’s success
  • 23:13 – Learn how active listening can help you, as a leader deal with overstretched employees

Rapid Fire

  • 28:01 – Favorite area of United States to spend time in? South Central Pennsylvania
  • 28:36 – If you could have one season all year long, what would it be? Winter
  • 29:04 – The worst part of business travel? Airports
  • 29:13 – The best kind of food to order from hotel room service Oatmeal
  • 29:46 – Your favorite kind movie Sci-fi

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Interesting fact:

In 2016, the global consulting market was worth more than 250 billion U.S. dollars. The management consultant sector, which generally advises organizations on how to improve their performance, had an expected market size of over 130 billion U.S. dollars in the same year.

Leadership quote:

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.
— Arnold H. Glasow

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