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The Success Correlation with Hunter Thompson: Lead to Succeed 51

Hunter Thompson is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since starting Asym, Hunter has helped more than 250 investors allocate capital to over 100 properties. He has personally raised more than $30mm in private capital and controls more than $75mm in commercial real estate.

Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast, which helps investors learn the intricacies of commercial real estate from the comfort of their home, car, or office.

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Leading with 3 L’s with Melody McBeth: Lead to Succeed 13

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Melody McBeth, consultant at Highland FRS. Drawing from her various consulting experiences, she shares some mantras that set apart the truly great leaders from the rest. We talk about abundance theory, celebrating a team member’s success and practicing the art of active listening. We also talk about the extensive damage that results from inflated egos of leaders. Tune in and learn from this master consultant the tenants of leadership that will help you steer your organization on the correct path.

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