Building a Sustainable Business with Colin Sprake: Lead to Succeed 35

In this episode, Naphtali interviews Colin Sprake, a trainer, speaker and business coach. Colin shares some expert tips that will help YOU set up and nurture a successful business. Colin espouses on the 4 C’s which can help folks slide out of their comfort zone – an attribute critical for success. We also discuss why profits are not the sole consideration for business and why it is such a joy to work with heart-centric people. This is an episode you do not want to miss. Tune in now.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 02:21 – Naphtali introduces Colin
  • 02:39 – Discussing the tendency of most folks to remain within their comfort zone
  • 03:27 – Colin espouses on the importance of sales for building a sustainable business
  • 05:23 – Can someone with an introverted nature be successful in sales?
  • 06:05 – Naphtali cites the Bible to show how constant growth is critical for humans
  • 07:00 – Colin talks about the daily habits which have helped him remain firm on the path of continuous growth
  • 09:36 – The Four C’s that will HELP you get out of your comfort zone
  • 11:16 – How Courage can help you come out of your comfort zone  
  • 14:02 – Discussing the close nexus between Coaching and Therapy
  • 15:12 – Learning to master your subconscious mind in order to remove obstacles and find professional success
  • 16:35 – How to find great clients, nurture and retain them
  • 17:46 – Colin suggests a great networking Tip to find client and generate revenues
  • 20:04 – Success habits of high effective and efficient people
  • 22:07 – Discussing the importance of dealing with heart-centric people
  • 26:18 – Why is the company you keep really important?

Rapid Fire:

  • 28:15 – The best website or app for professional learning? Audible
  • 29:11 – A great travel hack Book your hotel via American Express to get a free upgrade
  • 30:25 – When you are hungry at night, you most often grab a Nuts
  • 30:31 – Something about South Africa that few people know A weird mix of first world and third world

Connect with Colin:


  • 32:02 – Life’s Final Lesson – Learn to trust and empower people.

Interesting fact:

Salespeople spend only one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. They spend 21% of their day writing emails. 17% entering data. Another 17% prospecting and researching leads. 12% going to meetings. And 12% scheduling calls.

Leadership quote:

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
— Ken Blanchard

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